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In 1966 fashion designer Aristos Constantinou opened the very first "Aristos" boutique. It was located on Carnaby Street like many of the other great boutiques of the era.

In 1971 Aristos and his brother Achilleas went into business together to form "Ariella Fashions." The clothing labels then changed from simply just "Aristos" to "designed by Aristos."

Late Sixties Suede Mini Dress, £145
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The company greatly expanded in the 70's. After new locations on Carnaby Street, Oxford Street, Duke Street and Newburgh Street, Punch Magazine named Aristos "the power of Carnaby Street."

1970's Silk Chevron Dress
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70's Mushroom Dress

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70's Novelty Print Dress

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Aristos eventually became a wholesale label that sold to large retailers. In 1974 there were already 9 different branches including stores in the USA and Switzerland.

1970's Chiffon Dress
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The label continued until 1985 when Aristos was shot to death. Although, the name was still running in the wholesale division. Throughout the 80's and 90's Ariella Fashion received many fashion awards and Achilleas kept his place in fashion by founding important organizations such as the British Fashion Council.

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